My latest creation is a very much needed summer dress – maybe you have heard of this years brutal Swedish summer with week after week with unusual heat and fires spreading all over the country. Since I have shrunk since before the pregnancy, only one of my old dresses fit well now. This new dress is made by fabric from Tanzania, an old zipper and thread from an old project – things that have been in my stash for years. Unfortunately, the zipper is too short and ends at the waist, so that I have to snake my way into the dress without bra.

Senaste skapelsen – tyg från Tanzania, brun tråd från ett gammalt projkt och en gammal dragkedja – allt sådant som redan låg i mina gömmor. Tyvärr går dragkedjan bara ned till midjan, så jag kan bara åla mig in i klänningen utan BH. Jag ska byta ut dragkedjan så snart jag kan.


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