Hat and the suit

I couldn’t resist making a hat out of the last fabric scraps from my two piece suit project. I made a pattern out of paper.

When I had got the shape I wanted, I stabilised the fabric with “Guterman extra stable”. I have no idea if milliners do it this way. đŸ€Ș

Then I stitched the pieces of crown and the pieces of the brim together.

After handstitching the top to the crown, I hand stitched the brim in place. Then I added some trim that I found in my stash.

The hat turned out pretty much as I had hoped. Afterwards, I wonder, though, if I should have used stabiliser on both layers of the brim, as it quickly looses the rounded shape on the backside.

Today we went to the wonderful Astrid Lindgrens VÀrld, to take pictures in Törnrosdalen. We went there several hours before the first show, but there were already other visitors there, enjoying the beautiful scenography. As you might see, I am quite awkward when posing among people. Therefore there is no portrait with the hat.


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